About Alma Rose Publishing

Alma Rose Publishing was inspired by our first book, If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away, by Bruce Farrell Rosen. The title is the message given by Alma Rush Rosen, mother of the author, shortly before she passed on. Alma Rush Rosen was an incredibly spiritual, compassionate, gifted mother, grandmother and seer of truth. She spoke with a mellow voice, the texture of caramel, and her words were always delivered simply but ever so eloquently.

In the spirit of Alma Rush Rosen our press seeks to publish writers that are true to their “Writer’s Voice”, who have a story to tell and are passionate to tell it; authors who ultimately are interested in being true to themselves above all else.

About Bruce Farrell Rosen
An investment officer at a major financial firm by day, Bruce F. Rosen is a writer by night. An award winning writer as early on as high school, Rosen has written professionally for over three decades and has been featured in such publications as The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, and Asian Week where he was a reporter. In addition to a stint as a journalist in Chinatown, he has crafted essays on sports, politics, economics, and music. The piece that he wrote on his boyhood idol, Sandy Koufax, appeared in the Baseball Hall of Fame. And, his series of ‘slice of life’ pieces titled “Diary of a Creative Banker,” including one that focused on Princess Diana, aired on the BBC.

On the cover of Publishers Weekly, and the international publication Personal Excellence, Bruce shares this latter honor with such great company as Deepak Chopra and Nelson Mandela. He also did an event at Hue-Man Bookstore in New York, which has hosted the likes of Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, and former President Bill Clinton. Additionally, Bruce has spoken at the Commonwealth Club, which has featured such speakers as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and The San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy.

Interviews include NBC TV’s The Today Show, Unlimited Realities, Healthylife.net’s Healing Heart and Home, Strategies for Living, Your Voice for Healthy Living, and the nationally syndicated The Block with Tim. And, a review by a founding member of the National Book Critic’s Circle compares Rosen’s work to that of Tolstoy.

Rosen blends the unique characteristic of being able to grasp the complexity of economics with a graceful narrative writing style. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from U.C. Santa Barbara and an M.A. in International Relations from San Francisco State University.

His critically acclaimed first book the memoir,  If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away, is dedicated to his mom, Alma Lorraine Rush. His latest book, Bombed In His Bed, tells the story of Myer Rush, a larger-than-life character who is also Bruce’s uncle. The father of two sons, Bruce lives and works in San Francisco.

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